Solo Exhibit "Mapping the Moment" at Galerie L'Articho

At the beginning of the spring season, Galerie l'Articho presented the solo exhibition of the painter, Patricia Fay Thomas. “Mapping the Moment” captures a thirst for travel..... as seen in paintings and drawings inspired by moments lived. Based on visual and sensorial memories, as well as from her photographs, the works are witnesses and extensions of...a moment lived. This artist brings to her work a gestural process, often using exaggerated shapes and distorted perspectives of places and people encountered during her travels. The artist reaches into past experience, to create a present moment in which the works take on new meaning. "I remember the light breeze that blew when I drew on the terrace of a café in Paris and from the heat of the sun on my back to Aswan. My intention is that the magic of these moments be reflected in my work.”

Event website with details here.

Mardi - Vend. | 9h à 17h
Le samedi | 10h à 17h

135 St Vallier Est, Québec
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